Life After Modeling

I had always planned to retire from modeling before someone else decided I should. You know, when you reach a plateau in your styling, your image and one day someone say “Good grief, she’s like an old dog. Why doesn’t someone just put her out of her misery?”. So I chose to retire from modeling this year ending on a high note, a la Jay-Z, after winning Miss Ebony International 2013 and finally reaching my original SL goal of having a thriving brand that I could be proud of. My real life has changed a great deal since the day I rezzed in world back in 2009 and I attribute some of that to the friends that I have made online. I have learned so much from all of them and some have even inspired my pursuit of a graphic design degree. With the change in my RL comes sacrifice in my SL but I don’t think I could ever completely abandon the virtual fashion industry. I am so in love with the talent and skill demonstrated by designers like Erratic, House of Fox, vive nine, ISON, Lelutka and so many more. I am also impressed by the business sense of others like CHIC Management, AVENUE, COLLABOR88 and The Dressing Room to name a few. Through their hard work and determination, their longevity and attention to detail, I have drawn the strength to forge ahead and complete college, get in shape and recharge my life. I am looking forward to 2013 and rediscovering the woman I was and hope to be. As for what is next for Vikeejeah the avatar, a year of focus on her brand and her social life in world. I am really embracing this new chapter in my Secondlife. I feel like I did my first year, but this time I have the wisdom and skill I didn’t have before. I have the support I didn’t have back then, which I think makes all the difference. Life is all about evolution. We should constantly seek growth and continue to learn from everything. My advice to anyone out there reading this in real life or the SL grid, is to get to know yourself. Set big goals and then set smaller goals to help you achieve that big goal. Don’t let life stand still for you because there is so much beauty in this world, no matter how hard things appear to be or how cruel others may make it seem. There are people who care about you, there is beauty in nature, there is fun to be had. I know I plan to have it and no one can stop me but me (wink).





Blog 2 Blog 3 House of Fox  FW 2012 for GOSL photo 1


To purchase any of the items seen here, simply click any of these links to be directed to their online or in world stores:

TDR FUSIONCOLLABOR88ISONHouse of FoxLelutkaB L E Uvive nineerraticNylon OutfittersTee*fyIzzie’sMimikriLeverocciGlance SkinsMiamai


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