Happy Accident

Recently, Solidea Follies reopened their main store with a lovely fashion show and after-party. Mila Tatham invited me to walk in the grand opening showcase of her new collection, and I was honored to do so. Unfortunately, I lost track of time the day of the show and was unable to walk. I was so upset because I had prepared in advance for the show and was more than ready to walk for Mila and showcase her beautiful work for the guests. I offered to pay for the gown since I was unable to walk but Mila, being so wonderful, said to me “Just make a beautiful blog for the gown if you like.” and you know what? I did! It took some time because I wanted a lovely photo to capture Mila’s work on the Natzuka gown worn by the name sake as Miss Italy 2013. Mila, an Italian designer, really represented her country well creating such a lovely design. I am grateful to her for the opportunity to both wear her designs and blog them. Thank you, Mila, for being so understanding and such a lovely person. I hope that you enjoy this blog post. To purchase this gown or any of the incredible works of Solidea Follies, visit their main store today!

Solidea Follies for Forma Pura


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