Hunting Down a Deal

When I saw that Ricielli was having a holiday hunt, I naturally jumped online and teleported to the main store as fast as I could. I love Ricielli mesh as well as the overall brand aesthetic. Fhara designs some of the best casual chic garments out there. Right on trend, she brings us this adoraballz peplum mini dress in green for only 15L! All of the hunt items are priced to move and while the hunt isn’t free, it is definitely worth the 300L it costs to get all 20 items. One piece alone is priced that at retail so to get a full wardrobe for that price is incentive enough to get your butts over there and get your hunt on. Fhara doesn’t hide the boxes either! No real hunting involved  Just walk in and start buying the stacked gift boxes. In addition to my fangirl rant about Ricielli, I must speak on the chocolate loveliness that is this new Deesse’s skin. Natalie creates lovely skins for all women of all skin tones and this skin, called Sasha, is one of the best so far in my opinion. I love the way the green in the mini dress compliments the richness of the Sasha skin. A fabulous combination. I hope that you will visit both stores and enjoy a lovely time hunting and demoing skins. There is nothing more fun in SL than shopping, especially if you’re a lady, and of course there is nothing more satisfying than getting amazing quality at discount prices 😉

Desses Skins for Forma Pura


*The earrings are from Zaara and are not part of the Kunglers set at TDR Fusion


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