Pretty Little Liar

Though I have never seen the show, but it’s pretty much one of those quintessential prime-time soap operas with a modern twist; so I thought I would style something along that vein when I saw this dress from Emery. Ya know, Gossip Girl, The New 90210, they’re all the same show with a twist. Great looking young people with money and fabulous fashion. We just love to watch rich people be bad >:P So what kind of character would I play in one of these shows? I would probably be a reoccurring guest star who blazes through town stirring up trouble, breaking hearts and trumping the efforts of the most popular girl in the higher social circles just for kicks! My name would be…Vivienne Elderson.

Emery for GODIVAs of SL

*Click the following links to visit the inworld or Marketplace stores: Magika – MANDALA – Emery – House of Fox – MStyle


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