Ladies Who Lunch for ASFW2013

Ladies Who Lunch has been one of my absolute favorite brands for a very long time. Faint is a! Today she proved that even more so at AVENUE Spring Fashion Week where she debut her stunning collection full of neon and vibrant colors as well as the best use of ethnic and original patterns I have seen in ages. Her interpretation of spring was simply artful. Feathers, butterfly wings and trending patterns such as chevron, Aztec and python had me nearly jumping out of my seat and tackling the models to rip the clothes right off of them. Faint also covered all of the bases from everyday casual chic to high end couture. Simply marvelous! To purchase any of the extraordinary garments from Ladies Who Lunch, or any of the over 30 designers showing at fashion week, head over to the retail gallery in world. Also, don’t forget to check out the schedule of events on AVENUE’s website. See you there!

ASFW2013 Ladies Who Lunch


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