Loovus Dzevavor for ASFW2013

I don’t normally promote my own brand on my, blog but since Loovus Dzevavor is part of AVENUE Spring Fashion Week, and since I spent the last 2 months making a 30 piece collection, I figured I’ve earned this one (wink). The Elation Collection has been a labor of love. I am really looking forward to showcasing my interpretation of print with the pantone spring/summer color palette as well as my signature prints. I wanted spring to feel modern and not too feminine  I am not a girly girl and neither is the woman who wears LD. Everything is super chic, fun, casual and put together. You will find all that you need for a H2T (head to toe) look from earrings to bags , shoes, scarves and of course, apparel. This collection is 100% mesh and features a new hair release called Kerasia. Come see for yourself today, at 1pm SLT, as we close day 3 of fashion week with a 20 outfit runway show! I do hope you all like what you see as I have truly enjoyed making it for you. For a full schedule of events, visit the AVENUE Website for all things fashion week!

Loovus Dzevavor for AVENUE SFW2013


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