Review Policy

To all designers interested in adding me as a blogger for you brand, let me first say I am honored to be considered. My blog is not a traditional fashion blog in the sense that I blog solely for the promotion of brands. While that is the main goal of my fashion blog, I prefer to style LOTD (Looks of the Day). This means that if you have several new releases at once, I may not be able to promote all of them or even most of them based on how they fit both my style and the outfit I choose to assemble that day. If you need for your bloggers to sell your collections in full or if you specialize in glamorous formal wear, I may not be the blogger for you.

I prefer not to blog skins unless they suit my look.

Brands interested in having their items regularly featured on Forma Pura may send me their logo full permission so I may add it to my links column.

If you would like for my posts to be reposted to your fashion blog, my email is You can add me to your admin list. Again TYSM for considering me as a blogger for your brand. I am greatly appreciative of those who enjoy my style and my work.

*I reserve the right not to blog items I do not enjoy or find up to par with the pieces I prefer to wear. Please do not take offense. It is solely to protect the aesthetic of my blog.


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